Frequently Asked Questions

How large is your inventory?

Our inventory has up to 6,000 GIA- and EGL-certified loose diamonds available to you at any time. With new diamonds added every day, our inventory includes diamonds of all shapes, colors, and clarities, with sizes ranging from 0.18 carats to more than 9.00 carats. Create or sign into your account to browse our entire inventory.

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Does Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds specialize in certain kinds of diamonds?

Our inventory includes a comprehensive selection of all diamond shapes and sizes, but we do offer an unparalleled selection of round brilliant, princess, and cushion diamonds.

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How do I access your inventory?

When you create an account with us, you get anytime access to our entire, searchable inventory of loose diamonds. To create your account, register here or call us at 312-558-9060.

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Where do the diamonds come from?

We only sell loose diamonds selected from mines and sources that we have direct relationships with. The diamonds are crafted in Israel by our in-house staff of expert diamond cutters. Every diamond we sell has been certified by either the EGL or the GIA.

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Will I get the original certificate for the diamonds I buy?

Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds has the original diamond certificates on file for every diamond in our inventory. We provide you with a copy of the certificate when you take a diamond on memo. When you buy the diamond, we then give you the original certificate. Please feel free to contact us for more details about our certificates.

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Can I see photos of the diamonds I’m interested in?

Yes. Photos of any diamond in our inventory are available upon request. Simply contact us about the ones you’d like to see.

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What is Stock My Site™?

Stock My Site is a free piece of software that integrates our entire diamond inventory and search tool into your own company website. It lets you display your own company’s information alongside our diamonds, and you can customize the prices you want your visitors to see. Visit our Stock My Site section to learn more about the benefits of this tool.

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How do I put Stock My Site™ on my website?

Stock My Site is available to you when you create your account with us. Once you log into your account, we lead you through the easy, two-step process of customizing the tool and loading it onto your website.

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How does Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds ensure that all their diamonds are conflict-free?

Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds is committed to taking the utmost care of our customers, our employees, and the people and communities that supply our diamonds. We get our diamonds only from legitimate sources we have direct relationships with, and we strictly adhere to the stringent requirements of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

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Where is Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds located?

Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds is headquartered in Chicago, with offices and diamond-cutting facilities in New York City, San Francisco, and Israel.

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